‘Twilight’ Author Sends Classic Bronte Soaring to New ‘Heights’

Don’t bother lamenting that kids aren’t interested in the classics anymore. Apparently all it takes is the endorsement of a wildly popular author of sparkly vampire stories. Discovered via The Book Blog.

Teenage fans of Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight series have sent Wuthering Heights – the favourite novel of the books’ hero and heroine – soaring to the top of the classics bestseller charts.

A new edition of the novel, repackaged in a similar style to Meyer’s Twilight books – black cover, white flower, tagline "love never dies" – was released in May this year, and has already sold more than 10,000 copies in the UK, nearly twice as many as the traditional Penguin Classic edition, making it Waterstone’s bestselling classic.

Publisher Joins Creditors In Attempt to Take Over Philadelphia Newspapers in Bankruptcy

More daily papers are facing hard times now. Creditors are attempting to take over Philadelphia Newspapers, and have been joined in that fight be a longtime publisher. Full details at Yahoo! News:

Creditors will extend for two months the company’s exclusive right to present a reorganization plan. Their plan proposes the auction and posts a starting bid of $37 million in cash plus real estate and bankruptcy costs. The company values the plan at $92 million.

The debtors propose to keep $60 million in debt on the books, in contrast to the company’s plan to emerge debt-free.

"We believe that it achieves the highest and best value for estate assets for the benefit of creditors," said lawyer Larry McMichael, who represents Philadelphia Newspapers. "We believe that because we haven’t been able to find anybody else to put money in."

Ailing newspapers in Boston, Minneapolis and other U.S. cities have all struggled to raise capital or find new buyers, he noted.

Two Peas Launches Paperback edition of “Jennifer’s Plan”

Two Peas Publishing announces the paperback release of Don Meyer’s novel Jennifer’s Plan (ISBN: 978-0984077311). The book is available through amazon.com and other online retail outlets.

The novel is an action-oriented crime drama that follows Jennifer Cerriety as she fulfills her plan to seek retribution against a gang of roughnecks who commit unspeakable acts of violence against her and a man named Harold Seaweather.

Midwest Book Review gave the hardcover edition of Jennifer’s Plan five stars, calling it “a masterpiece of narrative storytelling and a highly recommended addition to community library collections and supplemental reading lists.”

Don Meyer is the author of three books, including Jennifer’s Plan, Winter Ghost, and the Vietnam War memoir The Protected Will Never Know.

Jennifer’s Plan is available for purchase by booksellers from Two Peas Publishing. It is available for retail purchase through Amazon.com, Don Meyer’s website, and other retail outlets.

Are Self-Publishers Saps?

Bill Ruesch thinks not.

Today’s publishing reality is that approximately 4% of manuscripts submitted to publishers ever become books. If you have written a book you need to face the truth. The odds of getting your book published through traditional methods are slim to none.

Recently a self-publishing author of my acquaintance inked a deal with a major publishing company for some very large bucks, maybe the largest in history for a new author. How did he do it? I’ll tell you.

“Writer’s Digest” Devotes Issue to Self-Publishing

The March/April issue of Writer’s Digest contains an excellent series of articles under the featured header “Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing.” Everyone’s writing books these days, so the world of self-publishing has suddenly become a busier and more interesting place.

Writer’s Digest explores the pros and cons of self-publishing, as well as advice on using professional editing and design services to give your book a marketing edge.

Two Peas Gets Media Mentions

Two Peas Publishing was profiled in the Lifestyles section of the Columbia, Tenn. Daily Herald recently. We were on Page 5C of the Sunday, March 15, 2009 issue. Unfortunately, the article is not on the newspaper’s website. You can see a scan of it on Two Peas’ Facebook page.

Two Peas is also mentioned in the April issue of Her Nashville magazine. Check us out on the “Her Favorites” page.


It’s been ten years since I last submitted a paper-and-envelope style manuscript to any publisher of a fiction magazine. Building a technological career and writing columns and articles for newspapers kind of stole away my desire to sit down in front of the glow of a word processor and imagine different worlds, mainly because I was too busy trying to build my real one.

But in 2007, a story idea popped into my head while I was running on my treadmill, and I could not ignore it.

I wrote at night. I wrote in the mornings. I wrote on lunch breaks at work. I wrote any time I had a spare moment and a computer in front of me.

What evolved from that was a short piece of fiction about life, love, and time.

I submitted the piece to approximately two publications immediately upon finishing it. Then other pressing matters and new people entered my life, and, once again, the manuscript sat forgotten on my hard drive.

I rediscovered it recently, while attempting to start a new project. Upon rereading it, I also rediscovered my passion for it.

So, here I go–360-degrees and more than 365 days later–starting the submission process all over again.

It feels good to be back, seated in this comfortable chair and clicking Submit buttons with fingers crossed on my left mouse button.

Wish me luck.