It’s been ten years since I last submitted a paper-and-envelope style manuscript to any publisher of a fiction magazine. Building a technological career and writing columns and articles for newspapers kind of stole away my desire to sit down in front of the glow of a word processor and imagine different worlds, mainly because I was too busy trying to build my real one.

But in 2007, a story idea popped into my head while I was running on my treadmill, and I could not ignore it.

I wrote at night. I wrote in the mornings. I wrote on lunch breaks at work. I wrote any time I had a spare moment and a computer in front of me.

What evolved from that was a short piece of fiction about life, love, and time.

I submitted the piece to approximately two publications immediately upon finishing it. Then other pressing matters and new people entered my life, and, once again, the manuscript sat forgotten on my hard drive.

I rediscovered it recently, while attempting to start a new project. Upon rereading it, I also rediscovered my passion for it.

So, here I go–360-degrees and more than 365 days later–starting the submission process all over again.

It feels good to be back, seated in this comfortable chair and clicking Submit buttons with fingers crossed on my left mouse button.

Wish me luck.